Why dual key condo is sought after in Singapore

The biggest advantage many home buyers enjoy from investing in dual key condo in Singapore is the ability to legally avoid the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD). Buyers with the intention to lease or rent out a unit will instantly reap huge savings just from skipping the ABSD alone.

As a result, property developers are seeing a huge interest in these type of units as it allows buyers with the option for double tenancy.

Even if a homeowner isn’t looking to rent out the unit or to stay with an elderly parent (one of the original purpose of the scheme) there are still plenty of other possibilities and layouts to consider. Listed below are some common arrangements.

There are many perks to having your parents staying with you, especially for newly-weds whom are planning for kids. There are no better nannies than your own parents who had brought you up, they will know what is good for your precious little one(s), not forgetting the joy your parents get from looking after their grandchildren.

A few years down the road, should you require a bigger living area assuming there are new additions to the family, you can then move over “next door”, and have the studio rented out instead.

Due to the desirability to investors as well as the fact that they are still a rather new concept, Dual key condo units are usually priced at a slight premium. But more often than not, this is usually offset by the boosted revenue potential.